Support Your Local Authors

 The Central Texas Oil Patch Museum in Luling, Texas, hosts its annual MEET THE AUTHORS event Saturday, March 23, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Come participate in a group autographing session that includes local historian and writer Donaly E. Brice and Luling resident Chuck Parsons.

Also expected to attend are Judy Barrett (Recipes From and For the Garden), Wanda Carter (United Daughters of the Confederacy Cookbook), Kemp Dixon (From Plymouth Rock to Rocky Creek), Peggy Engledow and Victoria Daywood (Bad Boys of Caldwell County), Patti Jones Morgan (Ladies About Town), Max Oliver (Next Boom), Candice Wiester (Country Proud), and Patti Shafer (the Annie the Texas Ranch Dog series).

And while you’re there, visit the museum, eat at the famous City Market bbq restaurant or the charming 1896 Tavern at the Francis-Ainsworth House. Take a peek at the San Marcos River from the Zedler Mill, and take the pump jack tour (look it up).

Spring has sprung. Bluebonnets are out (but not for long). Do something different this weekend.

Photograph by Roxanne Rix

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WHAT I READ THIS WEEK: Timecaster by J.A. Konrath. The Big Year by Mark Obmascik.

Cross Promotion with Rix Cafe Texican and M.G. King

Once upon a time (except this really happened), the head librarian of the Dr. Eugene Clark Library in Lockhart, Texas, spent about a week camped out on its tiny domed roof to raise money. And many years later the daughter-in-law of one of my friends wrote a brightly illustrated picture book about it. THE LIBRARIAN ON THE ROOF. M.G. King is one of the Central Texas authors we promote on our publishing website


She’s got a new book. Right now it’s only available on as an e-book, and if you’re one of the subscribers to Amazon’s lending program, you can read it for free. FIZZ & PEPPERS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD. If you like trolls, well, you like trolls. Give this book a look. And check out her website at



WHAT I READ THIS WEEKMystral Murder by Lee Hanson. Dracula’s Guest by Bram Stoker.