By March 1 all my stories and novels should be on sale across all venues (Kindle, Nook, Smashwords). That means 99 cents for my short stories TRUEPENNY, THE RETURN OF TRUEPENNY, SAINTS & SINNERS, THE TAKING OF RHINOCEROS 456, and WHEN GYMKHANA SMILES (only available on Kindle) and $2.99 on the novels ARROYO, TALKING TO THE DEAD GUYS, and THE COWBOY’S BABY (available everywhere).

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WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:  Little Deadly Things by Harry Steinman. Bleed Through by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.


This is one of the markets where I sell my books. Once a month (if the weather is okay, meaning not below fifty degrees or over eighty-five), my sister and I sit in a parking lot with my books piled on a table and engage in commerce. Our fellow vendors sell pottery, yard art, paintings, drawings, folk art, and small sculptures. So far. It’s a very interesting group. And we’ve got the food trailers in the next lot. And live music. If you live in Central Texas (or are driving through San Marcos one second Saturday), stop by and say hello, and eat at one of the food trailers. You’ll enjoy yourselves. And if you’re a writer in another community, look for something like this and join. You’ll sell your books and get some fresh air and sunshine in the bargain. Art Unhitched is located at 312 E. Hopkins at CM Allen Parkway in San Marcos.


WHAT I’VE READ THIS WEEKHaunted Tales from the Dead of Night by P.A. Peirson.

Modestly successful

When I started this blog I meant to chronicle the writer’s life from the lower end of the scale, which is where I figured I’d be. And so far, that’s a correct assessment. Modestly successful.  But modestly successful is way better than not writing at all, or not publishing at all.

This is what you might expect from a year of publishing what you write at my modestly successful level. I’m not going to go into electronic publishing sales right now, but my success there has also been modest. Here’s what we did with the paperback books I sold in 2012. The Cowboy’s Baby was published in 2010. Arroyo in 2011 and Talking To The Dead Guys in 2012.

I sold 44 copies of Arroyo, 38 copies of The Cowboy’s Baby, and 122 of Talking to the Dead Guys. All paperback and all sold within 3 counties in 2012. The sales equalled $2633.75 which does not take into consideration the cost of printing the books (or anything else like booth costs). We sold these mostly on weekends at the local farmer’s market, and a couple of local festivals, through consignment sales at a flower and gift shop and a trophy store, at a meet-the-author’s event, at a science fiction convention, and to local women’s clubs.

Two hundred and four paperback books. If you never did any better than that would you be happy with your success? That’s 204 readers, folks. Not bad at all.



WHAT I READ BETWEEN BLOGSCaptain Vorpatril’s Alliance by Lois McMaster Bujold. Encrypted by Lindsay Buroker. The Somnambulist by Jonathan Barnes. Volcano Watch by Toni Dwiggins. The Basement by Bari Wood. Dead Space by Lee Goldberg. (I see that I’m reading too much and not writing enough. That’s just about to change.)