Great title. This YA novel by Patrick Kampman is exciting, funny, action-packed, sexy, well-written and charming.  All these adjectives, and for a vampire hunter book meant for teenagers.  It is a great read for anyone who’s not put off by vampires.

Chance falls into vampire killing honestly when his girlfriend is murdered by the animal-like vampire attacking students on campus. He soon joins a vampire-hunting team working in Central Texas to eradicate the monsters, ending up in California for a related job after catastrophe strikes and he is the only survivor.  And there he meets the real vampires.  And werewolves.  And witches.  And fairies.  And they are cute and sexy and they like him, and protect him.  All of a sudden Chance wonders what the hell he’s been doing killing them.

Humor-infused, full of action and with likable, believable characters, Chance In Hell deserves a spot in everyone’s vampire collection. Chance In Hell by Patrick Kampman. Find it as a Kindle book on 

WHAT I READ THIS WEEK–Blood Storm by Deb Sanders.  Chance In Hell by Patrick Kampman.  Watch Me Die by Lee Goldberg.

All photos by Roxanne Rix

MEET THE AUTHORS, Central Texas Oil Patch Museum, Luling, TX

Thanks to any and all of you who downloaded the free Kindle e-book copies of my fantasy short story TRUEPENNY on February 11.

On March 24 I’ll be part of a group of Central Texas writers featured at the Meet The Authors event at the Central Texas Oil Patch Museum in Luling, Texas. I’m taking ARROYO with me and THE COWBOY’S BABY, and also lots of really good cookies from 2Tarts in New Braunfels.

My books are on display right now. You can see them in the window as you walk by; hell, you can see them if you drive by slowly enough.

Joining me will be Roger M. Olien WILDCATTERS; Al Pickett WISHBONE WISDOM: Emory Bellard, Texas Football Visionary; Donaly E. Brice THE GOVERNOR’S HOUNDS: The Texas State Police, 1870-1873; Cliff R. Caldwell TEXAS LAWMEN, 1835-1899: The Good and the Bad; Peggy Engledow and Victoria Daywood BAD BOYS OF CALDWELL COUNTY; Candice M. Wiester JEFFREY THE HERO OF MORRISTON MEADOWS, and JINGLEBELL GROWS UP (with Robin Nickells); Rose Chase Smith NOTHING LIKE ME;  Chuck Parsons LIFE OF CAL POLK, and Debra Winegarten KATHERINE STINSON THE FLYING SCHOOL GIRL, and THERE’S JEWS IN TEXAS?


You can find the books and stories of Gretchen Rix at

Four of the authors also have their books available for’s Kindle.

Roger M. Olien Pickett Chase Smith Parsons


WHAT I READ THIS WEEK—The Art of Racing In The Rain by Garth Stein.