Wayward, the second in the trilogy of mystery thrillers written about the spooky, unsettling little Stepford Wives town of Wayward Pines, is a spoiler in and of itself if you haven’t read the first book.

That said, you can enjoy this one just fine without Pines, but I wonder if you’d want to read Pines afterwards. I re-read books all the time, so, maybe. Here’s the best solution, though: buy both and set aside Wayward until you’ve digested Pines.

A whole lot of Twilight Zone added to a dash of M. Night Shyamalan with an old-fashioned mystery at its core, Wayward continues the adventures of the residents of Pines right up to an unexpected nasty cliffhanger leading into the final book.

I know what I want to happen, but it’s not necessarily where author Blake Crouch is going to take me. In fact, knowing Blake Crouch novels, I bet the third and final Wayward Pines book sets the whole thing on its head. That wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

Highly recommended.

You can buy Pines at http://amzn.com/B007FG9LIE 

You can buy Wayward at http://amzn.com/B00C1IPQZ8.


WHAT I READ THIS WEEK–Wayward by Blake Crouch.  Forged In Blood (2) by Lindsay Buroker.

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  1. What a great review. I’m intrigued! I LOVE TZ and M. Night 🙂 A lot of people didn’t like “Lady in the Water” but I LOVED the story-telling aspect of it. What did you think?

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