Trying something new

I’m working on the third book in the Goodall series, which is basic science fiction adventure, or space opera, and this time I’m doing something different: getting the cover designed before I’ve even finished writing the book. You see, I know how this one ends. So I’ve been able to suggest a complimentary cover to the first two.

Here’s The Goodall Mutiny And here’s The Goodall Manifest  


The third book in the series will follow the design of the first more than the second, or so I’ve planned. Can’t wait to see it.

Should be writing it instead, right!


We had fun selling The Goodall Mutiny, The Goodall Manifest, and Ill Met By Moonlight April 8 at the 5th annual San Antonio Book Festival.


WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:  The Pirate Captain’s Daughter by Lindsay Buroker. Evelyn Marsh by S.W. Clemens. Legend of the Dawn by J. R. Wright. Chirp by Ann Everett.

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