Three weeks of finishing it up

With one hand I’m printing up flyers for our Scare The Dickens Out of Us ghost story contest/fundraiser to take to this weekend’s book signing at the Central Texas Oil Patch Museum in Luling, Texas.

And with the other hand I’m retyping my short story “The Return of Truepenny” into a Word document. 

Then with the other hand I’m revising my new novel TALKING To The DEAD GUYS. 

While with the other I’m composing this blog.

I must be one of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ green Martians with four hands, right out of A Princess of Mars (or John Carter, as the movie is called). But no, I’m just a moderately busy writer.

I’ve just started the revising part of my job by going back and typing out an outline for Talking to the Dead Guys. I know, that sounds backwards. Outlines are supposed to come first. But that’s what I’m doing. Already I see that my transitions need a lot of work in the first two chapters. Thankfully, though, the next several chapters flow much better.

 It will be interesting to see if I can do all the revisions and editing in the three weeks allotted to it by the Susan Mallery schedule I’m following. There is no law that says I have to keep to this schedule, but I’m curious if it will work 100 percent  for me.

Saturday, March 24, I’ll be joining writers Roger M. Olien, Al Pickett, Donaly E. Brice, Cliff R. Caldwell, Peggy Engledow and Victoria Daywood, Candice M. Wiester, Debra Winegarten, Rose Chase Smith, and Chuck Parsons in a Meet the Author event at the Central Texas Oil Patch Museum in Luling, Texas. We’ll be there from 11 am to 3 pm. I’ll be there with Arroyo and The Cowboy’s Baby, and also lots of delicious cookies from 2Tarts in New Braunfels that they shaped like bathroom paper rolls (TCB) and flying saucers (A) for us.

WHAT I READ THIS WEEK–77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz. Passage by Connie Willis.

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