THE TRUE-BADOUR edited by Ernie Lee, author of Aquasaurus

Last year at the San Antonio Book Festival, scores of visitors stopped by my table where  my sister and I were  selling my books to ask if I was the author of the giant crocodile (which wasn’t as extinct as expected) story. Alas, it wasn’t me, but I’d met Ernie Lee earlier, knew where he was sitting, and directed all of them past me to AQUASAURUS.

Wish I had written it. Ever since the movie Lake Placid (starring the wonderfully handsome Bill Pullman) I’d wanted to make up some sort of quirky, giant menace horror tale. So far, the closest I’ve gotten to that goal has been my walking, murdering, macadamia nut tree stories (ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT). 

Anyhow, Ernie and I met again this fall at the Texas Book Festival and he invited me to submit a story to his literary magazine The True-badour. I sent him one of the walking, murdering, macadamia nut tree stories. And he published it  in the Winter 2018 issue (available  right now) of his literary  magazine THE TRUE-BADOUR   NO-MAN’S-LAND. Give it a look. And while you’re at it, subscribe to his newsletter where you’ll meet lots of new Texas writers.


(Ernie’s got another new book out, HIM, which I have bought but not yet read. I bet it’s as good as AQUASAURUS.)


WHAT I READ SINCE LAST TIME:  The Button Man by Mark Pryor.  Republic by Lindsay Buroker. Sea of Rust by C. Robert Cargill. Protectors by Kris Nelscott.

Disclaimer: The blue sky photo at the top is Austin, not San Antonio, and it’s the Food Festival, not the Book Festival. Looks nice though.

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