Honestly, I don’t remember any more how I found these blogs. I probably saw a mention in the forum pages of the Kindle Direct Publishing  Community. Before, during and right after I first published THE COWBOY’S BABY I read these forum pages religiously. Or, it could have come from a TWITTER mention. There’s lots of good information passed through there, too. But back to my point; over time I have found the four best blogs to watch if you are a writer.


In no particular order they are:


KRISTINE KATHRYN RUSCH at  . Each and every Thursday she blogs about the business of publishing. You need to be reading what she says. Really. You really do.


THE PASSIVE VOICE at . Every day Mr. P.G. (Passive Guy) gathers what has caught his interest (mostly concerning writing, the business of writing, and the law) and serves it up for his readers. He’s sort of a clearing house for us lazy types. And read the comments. Often the comments are the most useful parts.


J.A. KONRATH at . Here is where you’ll find the really good stuff, as in controversy. Unfortunately for us,  Mr. Konrath doesn’t blog as much as he used to, but if he is new to you there is a lot of archived information. Warning: If you’re easily shocked, this is not the place for you.


And DEAN WESLEY SMITH at  . Go back and read THE SACRED COWS OF PUBLISHING and you’ll never think about writing the same way again. Ditto the week he just finished where he wrote an entire 70,000 word (almost) novel in ten days. No rewrites. Nada. Mr. Smith even offers to teach you some of what he knows through his on-line workshops.


And if you feel you gain by reading these guys, tell them thanks by buying their books. Three of them are writers, and the Passive Guy’s wife is a writer. There are other good blogs for writers too, but mostly the best of what they say will end up at THE PASSIVE VOICE and sometimes all or some of the other three.


WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:  The Duke’s Undoing by G.G. Vandagriff. Whiskey Sour by J.A. Konrath.

Photos by Roxanne Rix (And they have nothing to do with my books or the blogs mentioned here. Just pretty pictures.)

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