The Cowboy’s Baby with a professional cover

The Cowboy's BabyAbout a year after publication, I decided to stop using the DIY method and hire the hard stuff out to the professionals. By that I mean the cover and the formatting. This is what The Cowboy’s Baby looked like afterwards.


Cover by Streetlight Graphics


This was done by Streetlight Graphics (aka ). I’ve used them for everything since then.

Another Streetlight Graphics cover

How’d I find these marvelous people? Well, it was through the rising fantasy and science fiction writing star Lindsay Buroker (

I honestly don’t remember how I first found Lindsay, but it was most likely that she’d put one of her books up for free on Kindle and I took advantage of it.

When I started following her on Twitter, I decided I liked her covers and took a chance that she would answer a fellow writer’s business-related question. Thus my introduction to the Streetlight Graphics people.

So, thank you Lindsay Buroker, thank you Streetlight Graphics, and thank you Kindle, and Twitter, and Facebook.

What a great new world of publishing!

The Oil MuseumPhotos by Roxanne Rix

WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:  Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris.


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