The Cowboy’s Baby and its first book covers

If you read from the June 20, 2015 post up to the June 29, 2015 post you will get the whole of the unused original prologue for The Cowboy’s Baby. It gives you a perspective of Cassandra Lennon’s life and how she came to be known as the Sleeping Beauty.

Below are the original The Cowboy’s Baby covers.

To the left, the first paperback cover (the black outline has been added to provide definition against this all-white background). Our original paperbacks came from and a designer we picked from their list. We were and still are very proud of this cover, and at this moment we still have two copies of this exact book in stock.

Obviously the paperback is a reworking of our original e-book cover (shown on the right). We did this one ourselves. My sister took the photograph in the area surrounding Maxwell, Texas. Our friend Mike McGregor helped us with the design. And I finally said, yes, this is what I want! It accurately represented the Sleeping Beauty Ranch that exists in The Cowboy’s Baby‘s world.

We used this design for a full year before opting to hire a professional cover artist. It was a very good decision, but sometimes I miss this simple cover.


cover photo by Roxanne RixThe original cover










You can find The Cowboy’s Baby at and at and sometimes at Buffalo Clover on the square in Lockhart, Texas.

Photos by Roxanne Rix butterfly

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