The Caline Conspiracy


Behind the cutest, most coveted bio-engineered pet in the world lies a secret.

Is it the brutal murder that opens this story? Or is it something entirely different and equally distasteful?

When his own pet tears out his throat, killing geneticist Ivan Frithke, it sends shock waves through the engineered-pet industry and places a death sentence on the loving caline Madeline that her co-owner refuses to accept. She hires PI Aidra Scott to prove the caline’s innocense and Aidra hires Morris the hacker to help.

M.H. Mead’s earlier novel FATE’S MIRROR features these same two characters. THE CALINE CONSPIRACY is a prequel, with most of the action resting on Aidra’s shoulders this time.

Emotionally captivating and with engaging characters (including the caline Madeline, who most resembles a dog), fast-paced and well written, this science fiction-cum-murder mystery works.

If you liked FATE’S MIRROR you will like THE CALINE CONSPIRACY. If you’ve never read FATE’S MIRROR  you’ll like THE CALINE CONSPIRACY. .

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