So you want to be a Kindle writer

So, you want to be a Kindle writer. 

First step, write a good book. Doesn’t have to be a great book but it does have to be good. Be sure you have done the best job you can do, get second and third opinions on it, proofread it several times (and get someone else to do it for you too), and then make some decisions.

Do you really want to self-publish your book and do it with Kindle, or do you want to take your chances with traditional publishing?  Be aware that self-publishing (at this time, anyhow) can close some doors for you with traditional publishers and even readers.

If you are young and have never submitted any of your writing for publication, you’d be better off going the traditional publishing route. You will learn a lot about publishing by submitting to agents or publishers, and you will have more time to refine your work as you wait. And you may get that contract.

If you are middle aged or older and have had experience submitting to publishers and want to take a chance, then Kindle self-publishing might be exactly right for you. I decided it was absolutely right for me. But be advised that any sort of self-publishing may get you very few readers (but then that can also happen with a physical book in the local bookstores as well).

The next step if you want to publish on Kindle is to read all the instructions. They are available for everyone at under self-publishing Kindle books. Read each category carefully, and pay special attention to the formatting information. Also, go into the discussion forums. Read the complaints. Read the compliments. Read the answers to the problems that come up during publication and afterwards. Give yourself several months to process this information. Google Kindle publishing for forums independent of and read in them too. Then…

The next step if you’re seriously considering Kindle self-publication is to buy yourself a Kindle. I’m not kidding.  Buy the Kindle and then buy a few self-published books. See how good they are (or aren’t) and what they look like. This is what your book will look like. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, then go another route, maybe print on demand or Smashwords or

Next time I’ll discuss the nuts and bolts of publishing to Kindle.

WHAT I’VE READ THIS WEEK–Voyage to the Red Planet by Terry Bisson.

My Kindle book is a romance titled The Cowboy’s Baby.

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NOTE TO ME–This photo of Fort Davis makes me think of Daniel’s saloon in Arroyo.

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