Shaken by J.A. Konrath reviewed

Shaken (not Stirred, that’s the name of the next Jack Daniels mystery from J.A. Konrath, forgive me but I just had to say it) has the whole bagful of what makes contemporary thrillers of this type so enjoyable, even if you’ve pretty much read it all before. 

There are impossibly inventive, extremely nasty serial killers to catch. There is a great gal inching her way up the police career ladder who is dead set on catching them. There are familiar and entertaining sidekicks. There is fast-paced writing without a lot of extraneous description. And it’s even funny sometimes. 

Presented to readers (in its original state) in three timelines, Shaken is almost impossible to put down. Not great (like Red Dragon), but a good, quick read. Worth your time if you “like” serial killer stories. 

Although Shaken is the first of this series I have read (and this is near the end of this series), there was nothing confusing about coming in so late in the game. I want to read the rest of them now. What better comment could I make. 


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