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By the way, promoting your book and successfully promoting your book are two different things. I’m not going to go into whether I’ve been successful with the following sites or not. I’ve promoted my books on two. No money lost on either, since they were free.

Here are two sites that will at least get your title seen: Clean Indie Reads (for non-sexually explicit romance novels with no “F” words) and EbookSoda.  I will only mention BookBub in passing since I haven’t used it. Their services cost, and can be relatively expensive. ‎   These other two are free (at the moment). 


Clean Indie Reads utilizes Twitter and their own web page to promote your book once with a group of five to six others, but one real useful extra they offer is the continued Tweet way after your promotion time is over. They are quite generous with their attention.

 EbookSoda is a service similar to BookBub coming to us from Great Britain that sends out email blasts touting your book in a group of six to ten and sent only to subscribers who have indicated they like your genre.

I was happy with the promotions from both, and as I said, at least it got the books out where they could be noticed. As a courtesy I subscribed to get the EbookSoda emails, and I regularly scroll through them every day, sometimes even following the link back to the Amazon page. So I figure many people also pay attention.



WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:  Cross by James Patterson.  Lady 52 by Jude Hardin and J.A. Konrath.


DARWIN’S CORNER: This shorty bulldog is a good barker. Too bad she seems to bark at invisible creatures invading our front porch. I’m not going to let it turn into the story of the boy who cried wolf, though. I get up to check (yeah, right).  Photo  by Roxanne Rix. 

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