Prologue Continues

THE COWBOY’S BABY Prologue continued…butterfly

Before long Cassie Lennon was twenty-two and had gained a little weight on her formerly spare five-foot-ten-inch frame. The curly hair was shorn too close to her head, and the designer clothes had been replaced by blue jeans and tee shirts. The house could no longer be called fine, for she was neglectful of it, but the family portraits remained on the walls. Even the ones with David in them remained on the walls. But Cassie no longer had a family. Cassie’s parents were long dead, her husband was fading into a bad memory, and her son had completely vanished. She received private investigator reports monthly: David was still out there somewhere, but Joseph wasn’t with him.

The Lennon estate had mostly fended for itself, what was left of it. She had sold off a large portion of it to the Hubbard people with her lawyer’s approval.

“It’s going to be a retirement community, I think,or a gated residential community or something like that,” he told her when the offer was first made.

His description had been so uncharacteristically vague that she had sat up and paid attention. The lawyer immediately noted her change in attitude and felt the first stirring of hope for the poor lady.

Atypical Texas scenery“I know, I know,” he replied, rushing his words in his attempt to keep her engaged. “It’s probably just a housing project built around some man-made lakes. And they’ll have a fence around it,” he added quickly, seeing her face change. “And the residents will need a pass to get in and out.” He felt he was losing her with every word.

TO BE CONTINUED….. My Twitter avatar

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