Hint from the writing trenches:

Procrastination can be a writer’s greatest friend.

It allows the story to percolate through your subconscious long enough to bring up the most unexpected plot twists. Be careful not to stall too long, though.

Deadlines is another nasty word that disguises its worth. Deadlines are a writer’s best friend, too. They take us away from NCIS New Orleans and put us in our writing chairs.


I’m working on THE GOODALL MARAUDERS, the third in my series of space opera short novels. And having a blast. (I guess when I get the third cover on here it will be double the size of the Manifest below)




For those of you who have NOOKS

WHAT I READ THIS WEEK: American Caliphate by William Doonan. The Luckiest Lady in London by Sherry Thomas.

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