Lockhart, Texas

A photo essay: Lockhart, Texas, during the Tastes Along the Chisholm Trail eat-a-thon. All photos by Roxanne Rix.

rsz_img_5737The library served cookies.






The movie theater gave us popcorn and huge pretzels. rsz_1rsz_img_5722

Vogels served…something good. I don’t remember.rsz_img_5734






And the Hatters served chili.



rsz_img_5749WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:  The Jury Series by Lee Goldberg.

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4 thoughts on “Lockhart, Texas

    • Yes, it is. Wish more Austin day-trippers would come down on Saturdays when things are open on the square. They always seem to pick Sunday instead.

    • This has always been one of our favorite Lockhart festivals. We’re always discovering new businesses we like. FYI, the photos are Roxanne’s.

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