Irene Preston reviews The Cowboy’s Baby

This review is from: The Cowboy’s Baby (Kindle Edition) Reviewed by Irene Preston. ****  
The Cowboy’s Baby has a title straight from Harlequin and we all know what we’ll get, don’t we? A secret love-child, an unexpected pregnancy, or one of several other variations on the theme.  


Congratulations to Gretchen Lee Rix for surprising me! The Cowboy’s Baby isn’t what you expect and the truth is only one example of the many touches of humor in this sweet romance. Ms. Rix takes many of the romance genre stand-bys and turns them on their head: the outrageously good-looking hero finds his charm annoying and giggles like a girl, the evil landowner isn’t a thing like her reputation, the romantic sleep-over that finally forces the hero and heroine into close proximity. . .well, it has its own problems.   
This book kept me guessing and laughing and it was obvious that Ms. Rix has a love of the Texas countryside right down to the turkey buzzards and cow pies. And the Cowboy’s Baby? If you want the truth, pick up your own copy today!   


WHAT I READ THIS WEEK—City of Illusions by Ursula K. Le Guin, South of Broad by Pat Conroy, Destiny’s Drum by L. Ron Hubbard, Playback by Raymond Chandler, and Saga of a Texas Ranger by Jeffery Robenalt.  
Photos by Roxanne Rix. 
The Cowboy’s Baby is available in paperback from and at Buffalo Clover in Lockhart, Texas.    






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