Interview continued

Interview with the author of  TALKING TO THE DEAD GUYS continued:

A sequel will be out this year. Tea With A Dead Gal.

A sequel will be out this year. Tea With A Dead Gal.


WHAT GENRE IS YOUR NEW BOOK?   The Safari Bride is a romantic adventure novel.  Frankly, I think  the movie Romancing The Stone defines it best, though Michael Douglas isn’t in it. I used to really enjoy watching Michael Douglas. Not so much any more. Now it’s Tom Cruise, God help me.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT AGAIN?  A safari trip through Western Africa at the end of the 19th century. It’s been making me laugh while I’m writing it, so I assume it’s sort of humorous.

WHEN WILL IT COME OUT?  Before the end of the year. Probably in October or November. Maybe earlier if it doesn’t need a lot of editing.

WHAT DOES EDITING ENTAIL?  Well, for one thing it entails going back in and changing words like entail to mean or some other easy to understand word. It also means going through all the passive sentences where I use the word “was” and trying to rewrite them. Lots of fun.

I NOTICE YOU’RE REFERENCING YOUR MYSTERY NOVEL IN THE HEADING. WHEN WILL YOU HAVE ANOTHER MYSTERY FOR US?   Tea With A Dead Gal is my second project for 2014. If  The Safari Bride publishes in October, then you’ll probably see Tea With A Dead Gal in November.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT?  It’s another Boo- one-It mystery featuring our real life dog Boo Radley. It takes up the story where Talking To The Dead Guys left off.

WAS TALKING TO THE DEAD GUYS ABOUT A REAL MURDER? HOW ABOUT TEA WITH A DEAD GAL?  No and No.  I made it all up.  And to all the people in Lockhart who think one of my characters is fashioned after a real Lockhart resident, that’s not the case. Only the dog Boo Radley is real. I do, however, try to feature Lockhart’s streets and neighborhoods and businesses and things as accurately as I can. If I captured anyone’s true personality in my book…naah, didn’t happen.

WHERE CAN I BUY ONE OF YOUR BOOKS?  God bless you for asking. Any bookstore can order them. If you’re visiting Lockhart for its famous barbecue restaurants, several stores near and around the courthouse square sell my books including Logo’s, The Rocking Horse, Texana Lane, The Lockhart Shoppes on Main, Buffalo Clover, and the Ranch Style Store. In Austin, go to BookPeople. You’ll have lots of fun there. And when all else fails, go to  Here’s the link

The friendliest BBQ place in town. Good BBQ, too.

The friendliest BBQ place in town. Good BBQ, too.

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WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:  The Walk by Lee Goldberg.  Cherry Bomb by J. A. Konrath.

3 thoughts on “Interview continued

  1. I chuckled out loud when I read “looking for the word was.” It’s on my list, too! I can’t wait for another Boo Radley, I really enjoyed the characters and had fun romping around Lockhart with them. Loving the interviews, keep ’em coming!

    I understand about the characterization. None of my characters are me, but parts of me are in them and parts of my friends, kids, anyone I’ve met can be combined in my character. That makes it fun.

    Best of luck!

    ~ Tam Francis ~

  2. Thanks, Tam. I’m still looking for the word “was.” Embarrassing to see so many together in one paragraph. What was I thinking? Was I thinking? Or is that just the way it is? (When I get done with “was” I’m going for “look”. Got to be hundreds of “looks” in the damn thing, too.

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