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THE NEW CRIMSON ROMANCE Spicy novel INFAMOUS by Irene Preston.

Keeps you interested?  Absolutely. INFAMOUS is an I-Can’t-Put-It- Down book.

Has sexy, blood-stirring love scenes?  Of course.  And guaranteed to make you blush at least once.  INFAMOUS is the debut romance novel from Texas writer Irene Preston.

Second chances at love?  That, too.  Bestselling Hollywood tell-all author Jessica Sinclair lives the good life; parties, parties, parties, but that’s not what she really wants. She wants her husband and her adopted daughter back.  And he’s never quite gotten around to divorcing the bane of his existence either, hoping against hope that someday she’ll value the quiet, stable life he offers, never realizing how they’re missing the mark around each other until it’s almost too late.

Short (too short by my reckoning; I wanted it to go on a bit longer), easy to get lost in, and with well-drawn if familiar figures from the headlines of what we imagine Hollywood to be like, INFAMOUS delivers the goods.  The story is compelling, the characters are believable.  If you like short, sexy contemporaries you’ll love this one by Irene Preston.  And more good news, she’s hard at work on another novel about one of the secondary characters here.

Avaliable at Amazon  and at Barnes and Noble and at  ITunes

WHAT I READ THIS WEEK—Infamous by Irene Preston.  The White Queen by Philippa Gregory.

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