GYPSY DUKE Book Review

GYPSY DUKE by Felicia Mires is an out of the ordinary Regency romance featuring  gypsies and gypsy culture front and center as part of the action and promoting Christian prayer as a valid solution to its problems.

From affianced youngsters who are pretty uninteresting (until the evil uncle moves in), the author jumps forward in their story three years where they’ve become  polished and capable adults.  The adult Kitty, who is remarkably beautiful, is also smart and brave and heroic. The grown-up gypsy duke turns out to be an accomplished British spy. And the religious part of the novel only starts to interfere at the very end (for those of you who like their romances religion free).

It’s an enjoyable read, especially when the adult Kitty holds center stage. And the inclusion of gypsies in a Regency is a welcome addition.



WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:   A Mind To Murder by P.D. James.  Splendors and Glooms by Laura Amy Schlitz.  Gypsy Duke by Felicia Mires.

Photo by Roxanne Rix.

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