For a science fiction novel, Guns of Seneca 6 sure makes a damned good western. Strong writing, vivid action and characters both familiar and memorable are what  you get here;  plus it’s set on a planet other than Earth.

If you like westerns, you’re going to love it. If you like a good story, you’re going to love it. But if you read science fiction for the unexpectedness of the strange settings and people, then you won’t. Me, I’d go for the good story every time. The hell with the rest.

The story is set around the trials and tribulations of a trio of lawmen policing a hardscrabble little town that’s surrounded by a protective fence. One night the natives get in. People die and retribution begins. There are really, really bad guys, brave and remarkable good guys, aliens (to us) much like the American Indians we are used to seeing in the movies, and one exceptionally nasty bug-eyed monster (BEM) in this story.

Highly recommended. Bernard Schaffer can tell a tale.

WHAT I READ THIS WEEK—Guns of Seneca 6 by Bernard Schaffer.

Link to Guns of Seneca 6

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