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I’m going to write a few book reviews from now on.  Wildflowers with butterfly

NIGHT CHILL by Jeff Gunhus.

When seven-year-old Sarah Tremont is taken by a killing cult for their ritual sacrifice, her father stops at nothing to get her back. Even though his wife and everyone else in town think he’s kidnapped Sarah himself.

Night Chill is a riveting child-in-peril thriller. And a harrowing supernatural horror story. A well-written, fast-paced read you can’t put down. Vivid imagery. Suspenseful from the very beginning. A real page-turner.

Can you tell I liked it?




There aren’t too many books that keep me up reading all night. This was one. Once you get past the middle, you don’t want to stop.

A very detailed, Chuck Norris movie-type “save the White House” patriotic thriller. If you enjoy this type of military action-adventure (and if even if you like any type of action-adventure), you’ll love Transfer of Power.





WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:  Night Chill by Jeff Gunhus.Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn.


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