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rsz_deep_bookcoverfinalDEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS
by Emmi Gee. Cover by Steven Ray Austin

A pleasant, slow-moving, sweet romance of a book set against the backdrop of the Kerrville Folk Festival in Central Texas. One I didn’t want to put down once I started reading.

It quickly has you rooting for the two main characters, Molly Ann Hogan and Duane George, two impossibly attractive young songwriters who also share the trait of seeming true-to-life. This is their second-time-around at romance. Plus, these are nice people. Nice people striving to become songwriters and singers without the help of American Idol or The Voice.

But not everyone is nice in this book. Deep In The Heart of Texas features one hell of a villain. And a soul-stealing day job both main characters have to accept in order to keep food on the table and roofs over their heads.

Part one of a trilogy, author Emmi Gee writes what she knows. Many of the real entertainers from the Kerrville Folk Festival are presented as fictional characters here (with their permission). The beauty of Central Texas comes alive with detailed description, description that extends to the baking of bread and other neat things.

Plus, there’s a ghost.

If you like your romances to have stories wrapped around them, and if you like the sex scenes left to your imagination, you’re going to really enjoy DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS.

Good news, too. Author Emmi Gee is hard at work on book two of the series.


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