Book of the Month part 3

Book of the Month, part 3. The missing pieces out of The Cowboy’s BabyThe Cowboy's Baby


Here is the prologue that I deleted from the final version. I’ll put it up here day by day until it’s finished. Copyright Gretchen Rix.

The Cowboy’s Baby

“David?” Cassie called, tugging the sheet to cover her bare breasts, heart racing as if it wanted to jump out of her throat, a woman’s scream ricocheting in nasty echoes around her skull.

Abruptly unmindful of her nakedness, she clambered from the couch she had slept on this night, angrily wadding the sheets into a ball over the soiled cushion she had never been able to get him to clean or replace.

“It’s a souvenir, like,” her husband had explained in a very calm, even voice when she had complained that one time too many. “Next time  you’ll think first.”

No one answered, not husband nor child. The house radiated emptiness. Her tongue tried to do her thinking for her, darting out to touch the edge of her mouth while her eyes looked at the ceiling. Certain fear brought on the goose bumps.

“David!” she yelled, stumbling naked from the living room to the closed door of the hallway.

The door separated the two living spaces of the house, soundproofing it as well. She cursed the man who’d planned that door, her hand trembling as it wavered like a frightened thing reaching for the knob butting from the door separating her from her family. Cassie had to use her other more obedient hand to force it to do its work.


Photos by Roxanne Rix

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WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:  Masterminds by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.  Fosgate’s Game by David C. Cassidy.

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