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Continuing with the original prologue to The Cowboy’s Baby by Gretchen Lee Rix.

The Cowboy's BabyCassie Lennon was twenty-one years old and this was her house, her home, but as she drew the obstructing door open to this completely familiar hall in the long-loved refuge, she fixated on her hand in front of her. David had come out of nowhere to win this hand, she thought, becoming her husband in a trice. Between them they had made Joseph, their only child. Cassie was terrified.

“David!” she screamed.

Portraits of her family watched disinterestedly from the walls in the family room as the blue-painted door knocked her soundly in the rear, rebounding from her sudden force. She got no answer from David as she stood frozen in the hallway seeing nothing.

Part of Cassie wanted to break down and cry, to stop here, to not go any further into her home. As she felt the beginnings of this defeat spread like fog into her head she shook herself and leapt completely out of the nightmare that had caused her to scream. Frantic with worry, Cassie raced into her husband’s part of the house.

She knew they weren’t there even before searching. David would have been smiling that lopsided sneery way he had of making her feel stupid and coming towards her by now. She would have heard his contempt in the very vibrations of the air if he had been there.

TO BE CONTINUED. Copyrighted by Gretchen Rix. The Cowboy's Baby

Photos by Roxanne Rix

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