Blurbs are the hardest part of writing

rsz_57610016Blurbs are the hardest part of writing.

You’d think it would be the beginning of the novel that’s the most difficult to get right. Or the ending. But it’s that teeny, tiny bit on the back of your paperback and in the product description that’s meant to draw audiences into your world. That’s the hardest part to write.

I’ve just finished the very last stages of proofreading THE GOODALL MUTINY. Pre-publication work is scheduled for next week.

Here’s what I have so far for the blurb. Comments appreciated:

All the normal sounds usually reaching the lower decks of the USS Goodall during routine subspace flight had just been cut off.

As if someone at the controls suddenly wanted the crew isolated.

No loudly arguing male voices, no deliberately mishandled supplies tumbling down the corridor, no nothing.

Had the impossible happened? Was this the Goodall mutiny everyone expected? The one that had almost begun over the captain’s horrible cat. That tall, long-bodied and grey-striped, tail-swishing bundle of nerves they had started calling Tiberius.

Mutiny? Or something even worse?

The Goodall Mutiny. First in the Goodall series of short science fiction novels.

Make it so!

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2 thoughts on “Blurbs are the hardest part of writing

  1. Well it’s a GREAT start! I feel you on writing blurbs and query, which are similar, but not the same. Anyway, back to your blurb. You asked for comment so here goes.

    Who is your character? We need to have someone to root for!
    What does she want?
    What stands in the way of what she wants
    Where is the highest point of tension? What is at stake for her and her crew?
    What is the tone you want to set? Humorous? What sub-genre of Sci-fi are you trying to appeal to?

    These are questions that need to be answered by your blurb to peak my interest. We have a setting and a partial conflict, but need more. Keep up the good work and keep tweaking!

    Here’s something that helps me for blurbs. On a separate piece of paper, make a list of the main themes or conflicts. List your MC and under that list one-word characteristics. Same for your place and time. That way, you can pull those ideas and words into your blurb.

    ~ Tam Francis ~

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