Did new blurbs for almost all of my books and stories. What do you think?


Something mysterious goes on after hours at the San Antonio Daedalus Memorial Zoo. Myths live here. Mother Earth, for one. When the rhinos vanish, Steve the bum finds a talking dog. Maybe. Oddball whimsy combined with a puzzle: THE TAKING OF RHINOCEROS 456.


WHEN GYMKHANA SMILES, run. This young black girl’s survival depends on her dental health; yours on keeping out of her way. As her Southern Gothic horror of a family prowls the coast waiting on her transformation, no one realizes what the old man plans. And Gymkhana never wanted her boyfriend involved. Not sitting tied to that chair. Whether you like your horror stories nasty or merely scary, this one leaves your teeth on edge.


An angel of God who can’t remember his purpose. Two legendary lovers. Three strangers unite, battling one another and the ancient menace one carries unknowingly on her back into the West Texas arroyo. Their bond and covenant takes them from the flying saucers of Marfa to the vampire temptress of San Antonio, and then clear across mythical 1893 Texas to their fiery end. ARROYO–not your grandfather’s sort of western.


THE RETURN OF TRUEPENNY: a cat eats mouse tale. Insane. Daring. Resourceful. MIA since the first story, Truepenny shocks the household by returning home on the back of a kite. PawPaw envisions her caught up in string when he steps forward to save her. Big mistake. Wrong type of kite.





SAINTS & SINNERS: the voyage of a lifetime. The cruise ship Ascendant plies the waters of a pseudo-Caribbean sea. Passengers party like hell, no thoughts of the future. Great food, good friends, sex. But below decks a strange Ticktacktoe game goes on forever and ever. As heaven and hell hang in the balance, sinners play. And saints? They toss, throw, push or shove people overboard. Does anyone win?





TRUEPENNY: where the courage of a mouse earns the friendship of a cat. In a household where mice scoff at traps (but live in fear of the dog) the young mouse Truepenny emerges on a quest to expiate her family’s sins. What sins? And how can such a tiny mouse make it right? First obstacle: the family cat. This one considers eating mice one of the perks of his job. But one other deadly danger awaits.





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WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:  Disturb by J. A. Konrath.  Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. My Gun Has Bullets by Lee Goldberg.

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