Arroyo, a paranormal western

From Arroyo, a paranormal western by the author of  The Cowboy’s Baby—-

As Daniel watched, Ramona crept closer to her former burden, telling herself she only wanted to see if the chains were broken and unusable. She didn’t want to admit that it was talking to her again. “Nieta,” it hissed. The snake head moved its dead jaws with the greeting. “Me muero de hambre. Hungry,” it said. She stood hypnotized.

“There is is!” Narendra galloped right up beside her, breathing heavily from his run. He broke the spell. Ramona quickly reared back in horror. It had nearly taken her again, she realized. The Rajput used his sword and ran it gingerly through the reptile’s mouth to get it off the wooden Indian statue, all the while gently nudging Ramona aside. Immediately the snake head clamped its fangs onto the steel; just as abruptly the Rajput screamed, swung the sword high through the air, and tossed the head far ahead of them on the arroyo floor.

–A buxom Mexican witch doomed to a disastrous ending drags two strange companions across Texas with her in Arroyo, a paranormal western and pulp action adventure story for a modern audience. As her traveling companion Sinjin McIntosh Narendra (the Rajput) alternately plunges and bumbles his way towards his ultimate fate, and Daniel either thwarts or abets their every plan—

See Ramona resist the kiss of the vampire. Will she fall under the sway of an even more challenging love?

Watch as Ramona subverts the hand of God to her will. Can the Rajput discover his shocking true identity? Will Daniel find his redemption in fire?

Follow Ramona, the Rajput and Daniel as they leave Texas history in shambles pursuing their own destinies. Watch amazed at what they leave behind.

 A  pulp adventure western novel with touches of the horror genre, Arroyo is a roller coaser ride through 1893 Texas that will keep your eyes glued to the page until The End.

Copyright 2011 by Gretchen Rix. 

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