Retro/welcoming yellow banner instantly identifies it/cozy space/(some would say too small)/down-home waitresses/friendly to a fault/Coca-Cola, thank God. Fast, fast service/watch them cook (no, I don’t think so)/Margarine (or whatever serves for it now-a-days)/too bad it’s not real butter/hot butter/melted salt-laced butter. Oh, well. Would have eaten too many waffles if buttered/Waffles, waffles, waffles, of course. Unless it’s lunch time. Then patty melts/hash browns/more hash browns. Can’t believe I almost turned down the hash browns. You don’t remember anything until you’ve seen it eight times/They say/Thought I saw a Waffle House every other block down by the beach in Biloxi/Google says there were only eight./We ate there twice. Gulf Shores, Alabama. Baytown, Texas (hello Baytown!). Anyone other than me think of the movie Tin Cup when they see a Waffle House? How about Food, Glorious Food from Oliver?

We were on vacation.

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WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:  Hill Country Rage by Patrick Kelly. Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas.


NOTICE: I’m going to start with my romance novels. Does anyone want a free Audible copy of my light romantic comedy The Cowboy’s Baby Goes to Heaven? I have several to give away. The narrator Carol Herman has done a peachy-keen job on it. Just go to comments and tell me you want one. I’ll reply with the free code and instructions on how to download it. First come, first served. Like at the Waffle House.





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