An interview with the author of The Cowboy’s Baby

An interview with the author of  The Cowboy’s Baby.

You don't have to read The Cowboy's Baby first to enjoy The Cowboy's Baby Goes To Heaven, but it might help.

You don’t have to read The Cowboy’s Baby first to enjoy The Cowboy’s Baby Goes To Heaven, but it might help.

And of Arroyo, Talking To The Dead Guys, The Cowboy’s Baby Goes To Heaven, and Twisted Rixter.

QUESTION NO. 1: What’s the difference between an author and a writer?  Basically, it’s the word of. Gretchen Lee Rix is the author of The Cowboy’s Baby. Gretchen Lee Rix is a writer. Some writers think the title author is pretentious. Writers who think of themselves as writers just keep on writing.  Next question.

QUESTION NO. 2:  What are you writing now?  Right now, this very moment, I’m writing this blog post, but I know what you mean. I’ve planned three books for 2014. I wrote the first draft of my steamy safari romance novel THE SAFARI BRIDE in January. Now that I’ve finished the first drafts of the other two projects, I’m back revising, editing, and proofreading THE SAFARI BRIDE. Next question.

QUESTION NO. 3: What’s The Safari Bride about?  You’ll have to buy it and read it to find out. Next.

QUESTION NO. 4:  Why won’t you tell us what The Safari Bride is about?   Because it’s not finished, is why. One of the best ways to lose interest in what you’re writing is to start telling everyone what it’s all about. A writer needs to first finish the book without outside intervention. Hint. It’s about a safari trip in Africa that involves steamy sex scenes, That is to say sex scenes  as steamy as the author of the clean romance The Cowboy’s Baby can handle. Next question.

QUESTION NO. 5:  Who’s your favorite writer?  Anthony Price, maybe. Or Dick Francis. Also Stephen King, though there are more than several of his books I don’t like.

The author of The Cowboy's Baby, Gretchen Lee Rix

The author of The Cowboy’s Baby, Gretchen Lee Rix





WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:  Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King.  The Green Eyes of Bast by Sax Rohmer.


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2 thoughts on “An interview with the author of The Cowboy’s Baby

  1. That was fun, and what a GREAT idea. It took me a minute to figure out the format, but I got it! Very entertaining. I might do that myself, or have one of my characters interview me. That would be fun. Ooooo, maybe one of my ghosts?

    And man, you’re prolific, I don’t know how you do it. Whew!


    • Well, most times I have to get up at 4 am and write then while everything’s quiet.
      And I think having your ghosts interview you is a great idea.
      Thanks for posting here.

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