I’ve finished my next book. It’s with the beta readers for proofreading. It’s with my critique group for fine-tuning. And it’s my to-do chore (proofreading and proofreading again and again) for the entire month of January.

THE GOODALL MUTINY. Science fiction. If you like the steampunk novels of Lindsay Buroker, you’ll probably like my new series. No banter, however. If you like the young adult novels of Robert Heinlein you’ll probably like THE GOODALL MUTINY. 

Look for it late February.

I’m starting on the sequel Friday, January 1. I’m really interested in seeing where the story is going to go. Photo below is of me at Armadillocon in Austin. Two years ago.

Go to to see a complete list of my already published fiction.

Photo by Roxanne Rix


Dealers Room at ArmadilloCon in Austin, Texas 2012


For this last post before Christmas 2015, let me mention the sequel to THE COWBOY’S BABY. (And Merry Christmas, you all!)

I named it THE COWBOY’S BABY GOES TO HEAVEN. You can find it here and also at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

It’s a better book than THE COWBOY’S BABY. Funnier. Better written. It’s got two full romances going. I call it a romantic comedy. It’s pretty much the type of book that would have been made into a Sandra Bullock movie back when she was taking on light romantic roles.

No explicit sex, though. And don’t worry.(Spoiler) Baby doesn’t die. Heaven’s the name of a town.

romantic comedy



WHAT I READ THIS WEEK:  Search and Recovery by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. The Giver by Lois Lowry.

Boo Radley, Talking To The Dead Guys


Talking to the Dead Guys

A Boo Done It Mystery

A Boo Done It Mystery


Right now, Talking To The Dead Guys is $3.99 for the e-book version. This won’t last forever. So, if you’re interested, this might be the time to buy. Available at Amazon at and at Smashwords at It’s also available for Nook.

Talking To The Dead Guys is a humorous murder mystery set in Lockhart, Texas, and loosely based on our family dog Boo Radley. It’s also loosely  based on the real annual graveyard tour called Speaking of the Dead that’s held in October. The last time I took that tour, I began wondering what would happen if our dog was out here and I got dragged into a murder scene.

I’ve published a sequel, Tea With A Dead Gal, and a third mystery novel is planned. Actually, I hope for this to become a long series.

I lowered prices in an experiment. At the end of the year I’ll look at the figures. But I’m pretty sure the prices will go up.

Here’s a photo of the real Boo Radley dog, taken by Roxanne Rix.

Boo Radley

Boo Radley






WHAT I READ THESE LAST WEEKS:  Fuzzy Navel by J. A. Konrath. Black Jack by Max Brand. Orders Is Orders by L. Ron Hubbard. Grave Passage by William Doonan. Anniversary Day by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Blowback by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

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