Scare The Dickens Out of Us winners

 The Scare The Dickens Out of Us and Junior Scare The Dickens Out of Us ghost story writing contests are done! All that’s left is the partying.

First place prize went to Tyler Miller of Cheney, WA. His submission was  “Not Dead, Not Even Past.”

Second place prize went to Natalie Romero of Corona, CA. Her story was “Lorena.”

Third place prize went to Julia Patt of Chestertown, MD. Her story was “At Glenn Dale.”


Fourth place went to Rowan Cornell-Brown of Monreal, Quebec, Canada. Her entry was “Adelaine, Esther.”

Fifth place went to Scott Richburg of Wetumpka, AL. His submission was “Seven At Any Age.”

Sixth place went to Geoffrey Brough of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK. His story was “The Archivist.”

Seventh place went to Emerson Mayes of Fisherwick, Lichfield, UK. His story was “False Awakenings.”

Eighth place went to John J. Tomashek of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His story was “Dead Letters.”

Ninth place went to Tammy Francis of Lockhart, TX. Her entry was “Mrs. Franklin’s Night Out.”

Tenth place winner was Letizia Martin of San Diego, CA. Her submission was “October On Mendonca Dr.”


We added three Honorable Mention prizes to our contest.

Our Honorable Mention winners were Michael Madigan of Arvada, CO. His story was “Colton’s Panics.”

And Martin Miron of Naples, FL. His story was “Brethren.”

And Karen Leiby Belli of Doylestown, PA. Her story was “Play With Me.”



First place winner is Ariel Elliott of Meridian, MS. Her story was “The Ants Go Marching.”

Second place winner is Robert Van Aartsen of Farmington Hills, MI. His story was “Giving Thanks.”

Third place winner is Calamity Rose Jung-Allen of Philadelphia, PA. Her story was “Name Omitted.”

Fourth place winners are Clara Francis and Maddie Welvaert of Lockhart, TX. Their story was “Overdue Murder.”

HONORABLE MENTION goes to Samuel Kinchion of Lockhart, TX. His story was “The Green House.”


Best wishes to all our winners. Their stories were some of the best ever submitted to our contest.



WHAT I READ THIS WEEK– Blood and Betrayal by Lindsay Buroker.  The Pakistani Bride by Bapsi Sidhwa.

Photos by Roxanne Rix. Scare The Dickens Out of Us logo by Molly Humphrey.

Promoting from Rix Cafe Texican

We have another website that is really called Rix Cafe Texican, and from it we promote Central Texas writers. Some are friends and neighbors, some are simply Central Texas writers we’ve heard of. They all have written good books.


Here is our neighbor Jeff Robenalt, a Lockhart schoolteacher who’s written three rip-roaring Texas historical novels and is working on several more. He really is our neighbor. I see him usually when I’m walking our dog Boo Radley and he’s riding his bike through the streets of Lockhart. Or, when we’re both at the same book signing, which is what will happen next Saturday December 1 at the Dr. Eugene Clark Library from 10-3. Come on over and say hello.

Jeff’s books are Saga of a Texas Ranger and Star Over Texas and The Bloody Frontier. You can find out more about him and his writing at You can buy the Kindle version his books at


The link to Rix Cafe Texican is There you can see the covers of my books and stories and the books we’re promoting, plus some photos and information about the soon to be defunct Scare The Dickens Out of Us ghost story contest.


All photos by Roxanne Rix.


WHAT I READ THIS WEEK–Prisoner’s Hope by David Feintuch.  The Chalk Girl by Carol O’Connell.  Afraid by Jack Kilborn.


The Cowboy’s Baby blog site

This is The Cowboy’s Baby blog site. And also Talking To The Dead Guys. And even Arroyo. All photographs by Roxanne Rix.  The llama hasn’t figured into any of the novels yet, but the Boo dog pictured here is one of the major characters in Talking to The Dead Guys. The angel statue was used for the cover (even though it came from the Tyler, Texas cemetery and not the Lockhart, Texas one.) The wildflowers and trees properly belong in The Cowboy’s Baby scenes.


I am busy at work at sequels to Talking To The Dead Guys and The Cowboy’s Baby. Yes, two at once. Monday through Friday is Dead Guys, Saturday and Sunday belong to Baby. Both are progressing in very interesting ways.


You can find my books at, Barnes & Noble’s web site (especially for Nook books), and at Smashwords. Talking To The Dead Guys is available at BookPeople in Austin, Texas, and at Buffalo Clover in Lockhart, Texas.